Hello Excellent Visitor,

I guess this is the place where I wax poetic about my experience. My love for staying on the leading edge of design and technology (which I do). How I’ve pushed to find the right clients and companies to do just that. But If you’ve read my LinkedIn profile, or have downloaded my resume then you already know those things. So this is about a different portion of me. The portion that makes the other portion, work as well as it does.

I enjoy being introspective. Sitting down, being still, examining myself, and the world around me. I’m the ultimate non-creepy people watcher. I like understanding a person’s worldview; but what I like more is watching two people have debates about ideas. Whether they are political, policy, sports (even though I don't really watch sports), religion, god, or whether or not purple martians from the planet Jupiter exist. It is utterly fascinating being able to step into another persons universe, and to breath in the essence of who they are. Oddly enough, isn’t that what design is about. The willingness to understand someone else's world.

Cooking for people is like that. It forces you to appreciate them, because at times there is nothing more discerning than someone’s palette. That rapacious, uncompromising beast can be the beginning of an exceptional night, or a horrid trip down memory lane about why you no longer drink vodka. The childhood of an adult, lives on their tongue. It’s amazing when you think about it. 

So I invite you to sit and be still for 5 minutes...But first contact me : )


Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.